My name is Andrea Chiarelli and I work as a consultant at Research Consulting in Nottingham. We are based in Jubilee Campus at the University of Nottingham.
I have an engineering background and I studied in Italy (BSc and MSc), the United States (MSc final project), and the UK (PhD). Up to MSc level, I studied nuclear and energy engineering, while my PhD is in civil engineering. Should you wish to find out more about my academic background, please visit this page.

Are you looking for a formal CV? Click here.

What do I do for a living?

At Research Consulting, we provide our expert support and independent advice on many matters related to higher education. These include, e.g., the following:

  • Open access
  • Skills and infrastructures for open science
  • Research impact
  • Research analytics and visualizations
  • Text and data mining for/from research
  • Academic publishing

We normally produce reports at the end of our projects and you can find links to the ones I co-authored in a dedicated page on this website.

What about my free time?

Read about my personal projects and other things I like in the “Hobbies” page. If we share any interests, please feel free to get in touch.