I enjoy my job and I strongly believe in open science. However, I do have other interests, too:

  • Videogame development: I do this on weekends only and I have already released two Android games. To find out more about my efforts, please follow this link. Overall, I enjoy coding, so I try to do it as often as possible. The languages I tend to use the most are C# and MATLAB.
  • Website development: I manage Research Consulting’s website as part of my job and this made me want to learn more about web development. I am currently studying HTML, CSS, and Sass and have an idea for a website I wish to create – stay tuned for a link!
  • Photography: I always loved photography and I enjoy shooting with my Pentax K20 D as well as with my Canon EOS M. When neither is available, I shoot with my iPhone. A growing collections of photos from my trips is available on Instagram.
  • Food: I enjoy cooking with my lovely wife. We have a website where we share our favourite recipes along with some nutritional information. Have a look and try something!