In this page you can download free software concerning engineering.

Software to use the finite elements method.

Thermodynamic and Transport Properties of Water and Steam (for saturated and bi-phase fluid.This software is free of charge and it is property of ChemiaLogic Corporation.

Steam tables:
EXCEL file where you can input the thermodynamic coordinates you want and get as an output the properties of water in the physical state you chose. You have to DOWNLOAD the file, since the google viewer will not let you use macros. When the file asks for enabling macros, click yes.

XSteam for MATLAB:
X Steam for MATLAB is a implementation of the IAPWS IF97 standard formulation. It provides accurate data for water and steam and mixtures of water and steam properties from 0 – 1000 bar and from 0 – 2000 deg C. It is programmed as a matlab .m file.

The programs in CoolPack cover the following simulation purposes:
•Calculation of refrigerant properties (property plots, thermodynamic & thermophysical data, refrigerant comparisons)
•Cycle analysis – e.g. comparison of one- and two-stage cycles
•System dimensioning – calculation of component sizes from general dimensioning criteria
•System simulation – calculation of operating conditions in a system with known components

PV array + inverter design:
EXCEL file to design very easily a pv array+inverter system for grid connection.

Calculation of the area inside a given curve:
This script is based on a Monte Carlo Method and can calculate the area inside any given curve. You just need to input either the equation of the curve or the coordinates of its points and the script will give an estimation of the area. Of course, since this work is based on a probabilistic method, the results will change every time you run it, so it is clear that the script cannot be used for a precise calculation of the area. If you increase the number of runs (ITER variable), the error ideally goes to zero, so you can do that, but consider that the computational time may increase significantly. This work may be improved by using an error evaluation condition in place of the for cycle.